Small, Far Away

I’ve just released the fruits of a Moog Sound Lab residency back in June, at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in partnership with Supersonic Festival. It consists of 3 tracks recorded during this residency, as well as 2 tracks recorded on a plane over the Atlantic Ocean between Dublin & Connecticut in 2017. I made it on aContinue reading “Small, Far Away”

An Ornamental Light Glows Beneath the Tinted Window

Today, I re-released a collection of music from October and December of 2017 entitled An Ornamental Light Glows Beneath the Tinted Window. The original release was more or less made from stuff recorded over the summer of 2017. I made it using a Make Noise 0 Coast, TE-OP1, a Yamaha DX, TE-PO12, Strymon BlueSky, and aContinue reading “An Ornamental Light Glows Beneath the Tinted Window”

‘Ireland England’ featured as part of Culture Ireland’s GB18 Programme of events.

I’m very happy to announce that a large scale piece I’m working on for synthesizers and text projections entitled Ireland England  is to be featured as part of Culture Ireland‘s GB18 Programme of events. The piece will be toured around England in a number of diverse venues from April through to November 2018, and isContinue reading “‘Ireland England’ featured as part of Culture Ireland’s GB18 Programme of events.”

At the Janus Point

To the best of my knowledge it is generally considered that January takes its name from Janus, the Roman God of beginnings, gates, transitions etc. So like everyone else that writes about stuff (their own, or others) on the internet, I’m taking this early January opportunity to describe both what I’ve done in 2016 and whatContinue reading “At the Janus Point”

Propaganda From The Islands

I’ve had a busy few months island hopping between the +353 and +44, but have been involved in many wonderful projects with fantastic musicians… September In September I had the great pleasure of hearing  my 2013 String Quartet Neue Kraft Fühlend performed by the RTÉ ConTempo Quartet as part of the Composing the Island Festival. They did a superb job onContinue reading “Propaganda From The Islands”

New Website!

For those that are interested, I have just launched a new website here. Blog posts can be read by clicking any image. The rest of the website can be accessed by clicking the menu in the top right hand corner of the page. I hope you find it useful!