The February 2017 Collection

Below you can find a list of some things that I have done recently, and some things I will be doing in the future:

Electronic Music

You can hear some of my recent electronic music here.

There are some older pieces (that have led me to what I’m thinking about now), as well as some music that I have been working on in February. They are all realisations of notated scores. Feel free to leave comments if you think it is good/useful/bad/useless.

Hello YouTubers

I set up a YouTube channel to host some of my older pieces that deal with projected texts. As this has now become one of my primary concerns as a composer, I hope to be adding many more pieces in the future.

You can access it here if you are interested. As above, feel free to let me know if it is good/useful/bad/useless.

Talks Etc.

I am also working on some lectures that I will be giving on my own music in the University of Maynooth and the music of other composers in University College Dublin. If they end up being good enough, I may publish the better points on this site.

ConTempo Quartet

In just over a week the ConTempo Quartet will give the first performance of my latest string Quartet, Four Lines of Music Slow Down and Eventually Stop on 4 March 2017. This piece will appear in a concert alongside works by Linda Buckley and Thomas Adès. The concert is part of the wider New Music Dublin Festival which focuses on the music of Gerald Barry and Thomas Adès. I’m also very much looking forward to hearing new work by my Birmingham colleagues Ed Bennett and Andrew Hamilton.

Throughout the month of March, the RTÉ ConTempo Quartet will continue to perform my new piece, touring it around the country on the following dates:

16 March 2017, 1800: City Gallery, Limerick 
19 March 2017, 1500: St Mary’s Cathedral, Kilkenny 
23 March 2017, 2000: Triskel, Cork
26 March 2017, 1500: Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall, Dublin

These concerts will also feature music by Joseph Haydn and Béla Bartók.

More info and tickets available here.

Frontiers Festival, Birmingham

On 30 March 2017 I will be performing a solo show called A Live Performance on Multiple Synthesisers with Text Projection of a Piece Called Schematics Book I. This will take place in Centrala as part of Birmingham’s Frontiers Festival. This is my first solo show as a synthesist, and I’m very much looking forward to it. If you are interested in going, the details can be found here.

Workers Union Ensemble

on the 11th & 12th of April 2017 Workers Union Ensemble will give repeat performances of my 2016 piece Seven Lines of Music Slow Down and Eventually Stop as part of NonClassical. Details available here.

Other Stuff

Here is a list of some things I have found interesting over the past month or so: The work of my Students at Birmingham Conservatoire, Rolling Blackouts by Sarah Glidden, Joy Gerrard’s  shot crowd in the RHA, Stephan Mathieu’s Feldman and To Have Elements Exist in Space, the music of Kevin Drumm (which was new to me), visible Cloaks’s Reassemblage, Gerald Barry’s new work for orchestra and choir Humiliated and Insulted,  Jim O Rourke’s Steamroom collection (this was also new to me), and Unfold by the Necks.

Till soon…


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