Amaechi (with Michael Wolters) (2022) 15 minutes. 3 X Basketball players, 3 X Percussionists, 3 X Singers, Electronic Musician (+1 Sub each) and text projection.
First Performances: 30 & 31 July 2022, Commonwealth Games Festival Site, Birmingham. (Seán Clancy, Lucy Buxton, Gem Salmon, Joshua Okpoti Nai, Adrian Nembhard, Aidan Hammond, Tom Bennett, Andrew Woolcock, Eva Laverty, Gina Baker, Gina McDonald, Francesca Fargion, Helsa Townsend.)

This is About (an Intervention) (with Andy Ingamells) (2022). 6 hours. Open Instrumentation + video. First performance had synthesizers, cello, voice, objects.
First Performance: 14 The Guesthouse, Cork, Ireland + Livestream from Centrala Birmingham, UK.
(Seán Clancy & Andy Ingamells, also with interventions provided by Francesca Fargion and Anna Palmer).

Antonio Guillem (with Andy Ingamells) (2020) 30 minutes. Paper cutouts, toy maracas, musical typing, (regular) typing, speaking, synthesizer, and video.
First Performance: 19 June, 2020, Online (Zoom)
(Andy Ingamells & Seán Clancy).

Nowhere better than this place (with Andy Ingamells) (2019) 45 minutes. Trowel, salt dough, file boxes, synthesizers, and life recordings.
First Performance: 20 September 2019, Contemporary Music Centre, Dublin.
(Seán Clancy & Andy Ingamells).

This is About (with Andy Ingamells) (2019) 45 minutes. Hurleys, sliotars, space blankets, grand piano, synthesizer, spoken voice, vocoder, microphone and recording device, & field recordings.
First Performance: 2 May 2019, Recital Hall, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, UK.
(Seán Clancy & Andy Ingamells).

Recorded live by BBC Radio 3. Listen to BBC Radio 3 here.

Salt Interventions (with Katie Kim) (2016) 40 minutes. Katie Kim (voice, piano, guitar) basss clarinet, vibraphone, violin, viola, cello, double bass.
First Performance: 30 September 2016, The Court House, Bandon, co Cork, Ireland. (Katie Kim & Crash Ensemble).

Twenty-One Minutes of Music (with Thomas Parkes) (2015) 21 minutes. synthesizers.
First Performance: 18 June 2015, Moog Soundlab, Birmingham, UK.
(Seán Clancy & Thomas Parkes).