An Ornamental Light Glows Beneath the Tinted Window

Today, I re-released a collection of music from October and December of 2017 entitled An Ornamental Light Glows Beneath the Tinted Window. The original release was more or less made from stuff recorded over the summer of 2017. I made it using a Make Noise 0 Coast, TE-OP1, a Yamaha DX, TE-PO12, Strymon BlueSky, and a Tascam DR-44WL. There are also samples of a gamelan, a piano, and a photocopier, and each track was more or less performed and recorded live. I wasn’t particularly happy with the original master so I redid it over the past few days, and also streamlined two releases into one. If you are interested in the sounds of synthsizers, pianos, photocopiers, drum machines, or gamelan, then you can stream or download the thing for free over here.

Published by seanlclancy

Irish Composer living between Dublin, Ireland & Birmingham, UK