ireland england release

On Friday 1 February, I released ireland england, available to download or stream from Bandcamp, and also available as a video on Youtube.

Lasting the duration of my regular flight between Dublin and Birmingham, ireland england is an extended drone-based work for analog synthesizers and projected text. Through the marriage of continuous focused sound, statistical texts, and defamiliarisation, this work calls attention to the diverse range of journeys that Irish people have undertaken to England, both historically and in more recent times. 

I toured the work around the UK in 2018 supported by Culture Ireland’s GB18 Promoting Irish Arts in Britain scheme. It was performed in Brighton, Birmingham, London, Leicester and Southampton. 

This recording was performed live in a single take in December 2018, and recored in stereo to a Tascam DR-44WL

ireland england can be streamed or downloaded here.

The video for ireland england can be seen here.

Published by seanlclancy

Irish Composer living between Dublin, Ireland & Birmingham, UK