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I’m really fortunate to have my work included in a number of really interesting projects and concerts over the first half of 2016. If you’re interested, you can find out more below!

Association of Irish Composers Directions Series in Dublin

On 27 February, composer Ed Bennett curated a really beautiful concert of music for bass clarinet, cello, and electronics in Dublin’s James Joyce Centre as part of the Association of Irish Composers Directions series. It was very nice to have my piece Three Lines of Music on the Subject of Sitting included in this wonderful programme which was performed delicately by Kate Ellis. She brought a real sensitivity to this little piece, and you can hear a recording of her performance here.  

Frontiers Festival in Birmingham

We’re currently in the middle of our annual Frontiers Festival in Birmingham Conservatoire. I’m involved in a number of concerts, and I have two new pieces being performed. The first, Six Lines of Music for Seven Players is a piece for Gamelan performed by the Birmingham Conservatoire Gamelan on 9 March, and explores the differences in the two tuning systems found in Gamelan. The second, Five Lines of Music Slow Down and Eventually Stop will be performed on 18 March by Thallein Ensemble conducted by Richard Baker. The piece will be part of the last Thallein concert (alongside the work of my wonderful colleagues) in the Adrian Boult Hall, and contains five lines of music that slow down and eventually stop. I’m very much looking forward to both performances.    

MATA festival, New York

I’m extremely happy to have had my work Fourteen Minutes of Music on the Subject of Greeting Cards selected for the MATA Festival, 2016 in New York. This piece will be performed by Ensemble Neon from Norway on Tuesday April 12 in Scandinavia House. The piece revolves around the idea of mapping out a life through terse texts found on greeting cards, and I’m very much looking forward to this North American performance.

New Dots Concert

On April 16 in the Warehouse (Waterloo) in London, I’m really fortunate to have the ever brilliant Workers Union Ensemble conducted by Ben Oliver perform a new piece of mine that they have commissioned in New Dots’ latest instalment. The piece entitled Seven Lines of Music Slow Down and Eventually Stop tries to explore the idea of beginning in one place and ending up in a very different place, without quite knowing how one got there. I have been working with Workers Union Ensemble over the past year as their composer in association on a number of different things, leading to many fruitful ideas. They are a fantastic group of musicians and really wonderful people, and I hope we collaborate for many years into the future.

RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra Concert

on 26 April, RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland conducted by Gavin Maloney will perform my 2012 piece Changing Rates of Change. This is the third time in four years that RTÉ have performed this piece, and I’m extremely grateful to them for being so supportive of my work and new music more generally.  The work takes Faith No More’s Jizzlober as its starting point and is marked by constant and unpredictable variations.

Birmingham Conservatoire Composers in China

Later on in the beautiful month of May, myself and colleagues at Birmingham Conservatoire will embark on a trip to Beijing in China for a series of concerts featuring our work. I have never been to this part of the world before, and am really looking forward to it!

In other news, I’m currently writing for two really interesting projects to take place in 2017, and am trying to get my head around the rabbit hole of modular synthesisers. I am also looking forward to heading to Reykjavík in Iceland in the very near future.

If you happen to go to any of the above concerts, pop by and say hello!

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