End of BCMG/SAM Residency February 2012

A little more than a week ago my BCMG/SAM apprentice composer in residence came to and end culminating in a fantastic concert with BCMG conducted by Clement Power with Susan Narucki as soloist. More on this concert anon.

I am greatly privileged to have been afforded the opportunity to partake in this residency and I am grateful to all at Sound and Music (particularly Nicole Rochman) and all at BCMG (particularly Stephen and Jackie Newbould) for their welcoming help and support during my residency. I had many wonderful insights into the group and have learnt a lot over the past year in addition to writing two pieces for BCMG of which I am incredibly proud of. So a big thank you to all the players and staff involved during my residency.

The final concert on February 3 in the CBSO Centre was for me a huge success. Not only was there a spectacular programme (including two of my favourite composers), but each piece was played fantastically by BCMG and I was particularly happy with the performance of my own Findetotenlieder which was performed expertly with the required energy, style, wit and sensitivity by Susan, Clement and the ensemble. Despite my crippling nerves I managed to survive and enjoy the concert and my heart warmed with all of the kind words I received from both friends and strangers alike on the night and over the subsequent days.

A spectrum of published reviews of BCMG’s Musicians Wrestle Everywhere concert on February 3 2012, can be seen below.

It just remains for me to wish my successor Joanna Lee the best of luck with her residency. I hope she gets as much out of it as I did!

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Musical Criticism

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Journal of Music

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To read a little article about Clement Power the conductor of the BCMG concert click here

other articles surrounding the piece can be read below

Journal of Music

Birmingham Post

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