Irreversible featured on Serbian Radio

My large ensemble piece Irreversible was featured on Serbian Radio (Radio Beograd 3) on the 5th of October 2011. The programme was dedicated to the Irish entry for the 2011 International Rostrum of Composers and also featured works by Jonathan Nangle, Judith Ring and Enda Bates.

What they said about the music:

‘In this show of VIVA MUSIC  you can hear works that represented Ireland this year in the 58th UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers in Vienna. Ireland came to the festival with an interesting selection of composers who are all under 40 years of age and showed a cross-section of the exciting and vibrant new music scene in this country. The common characteristics were a poetically distant voice represented by a willingness to engage with and an open access  approach to music that surrounds them, without committing to a single composition stylistic approach. This openness is not only related to the domain of contemporary music, but is primarily directed towards the incorporation of other musical practice including experimental electronics, applied music, and expressions borrowed from pop music at the composer’s discretion.’

What they said about me and my piece:

‘Irreversible, the work of the youngest composer at this year’s rostrum by Sean Clancy who was born in Dublin in the 1984. This young composer is currently a doctoral candidate at Birmingham Conservatoire under the direction of Joe Cutler and Howard Skempton where he researches the “anxiety of influence” and its manifestation in musical composition. Otherwise, Clancy studied at Kings College in London, and completed specialist studies at the Music Conservatory in Blanc Mesnil in the class of Phillipe Leroux. Irreversible, a 3 minute work, is inspired by the phenomenon of violence and is characterized by a strong musical matrix of stage gestures based on repetition meant not only in a literal way, but also a digital way. This enhances the effect of anxiety and horror.’

A link to this show can be found here


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Irish Composer living between Dublin, Ireland & Birmingham, UK

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