Thoughts on my First BCMG performance

Thursday and Friday just gone saw the world premiere performances of my new percussion piece Rückstände by BCMG percussionist Julian Warburton. This was my first performance with the group as part of my Sound and Music residency and was a really great experience for me.

Julian performed the piece expertly, with the skillful precision and poignant sensitivity it required and I am in awe of his musicianship.  These performances also afforded me the opportunity to speak about my music in public and who better to speak about music to than Howard Skempton! It was also great to speak to people after the concerts who only had kind words to say about the piece.

I am very grateful for the opportunities that have arisen as a result of this residency and am very much looking forward to my future work with the group.

In addition, in yesterday’s guardian there was an article dealing with the effects that funding cuts could have on the group, potentially making concerts like this, and opportunities for people like me a thing of the past.  Read the article here

Published by seanlclancy

Irish Composer living between Dublin, Ireland & Birmingham, UK

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